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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2010 11:15pm-11:50pm EDT

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plus heat and a hurricane. topper is tracking extreme weather in your forecast. it's terrible. it's just terrible. >> also, a rapist with an unusual target. elderly women. this is 9news now. right now people are watching, waiting and getting themselves ready for a storm they would like to see pass them by. >> and that is making for some tense moments as folks are hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst. meantime hurricane earl is showing no signs of getting any weaker. >> but the big question, will earl get stronger. chief meteorologist topper shutt live in the weather center with a look at where it is right now. >> right now it is still a category 4. winds are 140 miles an hour. winds are south, southeast. and here is a satellite picture. you can see the eye reforming. during the life of the hurricane, the average life span is 10-14 days. sometimes you'll see the eye
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clearly. sometimes you won't. but you get the impression with the satellite picture that it's not weakening. it is a very well defined storm and there is no upper winds that are going to cause it to fall apart. here is the deal. by tomorrow evening, winds 135. still a category four. then we get into thursday, a little closer story. winds are down but category 3. nothing to sneeze at. kind of just glances off and follows parallel along the coast through friday and then accelerates and into the north atlantic. so, again, we're looking at hurricane watches. we'll talk about that when we come back. we'll talk about the impact on our weather and we'll have wake up weather as well. derek and anita, back to you. come tomorrow, governor martin o'malley has to make a tough decision. do you evacuate the city. >> we have a heightened awareness. and should it be necessary, we'll take protective mitigation actions for the city as a whole. >> maryland's management
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directive says he does not expect an evacuation order. the last time the city had to be evacuated was way back in 1985. that was hurricane gloria. the governor could also encourage people to hold off arriving for the weekend on late friday or early on saturday. you can keep track of earl or any other tropical systems developing by logging on to just click on weather to download our free hurricane tracker. montgomery police are looking for leads searching for a rapist who may be linked to two attacks on elderly women. earlier police went door to door handing out flyers asking for the public's health. andrea mccarren is live with more on who they're looking for. andrea. >> reporter: anita, police believe someone in our area knows this man. he may live here or be visiting someone that lives here, but in either case police are anxious to get him off the street. >> i've lived here ten years.
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i'm single. i deliberately moved into a second floor just to be on the safe side, and i've never known of anything happening in this area. >> reporter: but with one brutal act of violence, her sense of security is gone. >> every night now i check my doors and everything two or three times. i keep my blinds closed all day. i keep my blinds on my balcony closed. i'm not used to living that way. i don't like to have to do that. >> a flyer has our phone numbers. a young black male. >> okay. >> anywhere from 18-20s? >> reporter: at sunset, montgomery county police officers blanketed the neighborhood trying to unearth clues that could lead to the man who robbed these residents of their peace of mind. >> it just might be something and it might be the tip we need. >> reporter: the composite sketches may be different, but the descriptions are the same. the suspect is black, 17-25 years old, 5'7" to 5'10" with a slim build and no facial hair. in each attack he's crept into an apartment through an open
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ground floor window. in june, he raped a 68-year-old woman. this month it's believed he raped again. right across the street. assaulting an 86-year-old. >> every day you get up and you think you've heard everything. but you hear something like this and you realize there are some really crazy people out there. it's terrible. it's just terrible. >> investigators believe he's committed other lesser crimes, like break-ins or looking into windows. and they're convinced he will likely strike again. >> anyone with information on this case is urged to contact the major crimes division. >> reporter: reporting live from montgomery y police headquarters in rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> all right, andrea. hopefully leads coming out of that. also more disturbing news as police in anne arundel county look for a man also accused of sexually assaulting an 83 -year-old woman. the masked man broke into her home early monday morning and attacked. so far no arrests and right now
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no connection to the germantown indications. and this one just in, senator lisa murkowski has conceded her race. she made the concession tonight. she was trailing miller by about 1600 votes and the absentee ballots are still being counted but the trend suggested that she just would not gain enough votes to come back and win. miller has never held elected office, but he did win the support of former alaska governor sarah palin and the tea party express. with little fanfare, president obama told the american people tonight major hostilities in iraq are done. but in a pretty somber speech from the oval office, he also tried to prepare the nation for perhaps even greater sacrifices ahead. >> so tonight i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the
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security of their country. >> the war in iraq may be almost done, but speaking from the oval office tonight, president obama seemed to know americans are in no mood to celebrate. >> we have now been through nearly a decade of war. we have endured a long and painful recession. and sometimes in the midst of these storms, the future that we're trying to build for our nature, a future of lasting peace and long-term prosperity may seem beyond our reach. >> reporter: but if there is something to cheer, said the president, that would be our troops. >> as commander and chief, i am incredibly proud of their service. like all americans, i am awed by their sacrifice. and by the sacrifices of their families. >> and will need a lot more of the same in afghanistan, even as the president acknowledged americans are getting tired of that war too. >> we will disrupt, dismantel
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and defeat al qaeda while preventing them from serving as a base for terrorist. and because of our draw downin iraq, we are able to apply the resources necessary to go on offense. >> of course, drawdown or not, there are still some 50,000 troops on the ground in iraq, and they may be called into combat at any time. the president also spent some time talking about our bad economy. he says basically now we can turn the page and focus on creating more jobs. tonight police in amsterdam are questioning two possible terror suspects after airline security discovered they packed some pretty bizarre travel items. but the u.s. doesn't believe it was a dry run for a terrorist attack. a passenger on a united airline flight used his cell phone to record dutch police arresting the two. the men triggered a security scare on a polite from chicago to amsterdam after screeners found suspicious items in the bag. the bag was found at dulles international. inside seven cell phones, one
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bound to pepto bismol, plus box cutters and three large knives. >> any time anybody has a whole bunch of cell phones taped to bottles and triggering devices like digital watches, that sounds, per se, like something you would want to know about. >> if it's a case of just cell phones and antacid, that is kind of not really good enough. >> no explosives were found. and the white house said the men were not on any u.s. terror wash list. tonight friends and family are remembering a falls church marine killed while serving overseas. ♪ taps playing >> sergeant ronald rodriguez was killed last week in afghanistan and his family laid him to rest today. this was rodriguez's third tour of duty. his first two in iraq. in one in afghanistan. we spoke with a close friend who says this was a man proud to serve his country. >> ronald and i played on the
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same soccer team growing up. lived on the same street our whole lives. great sense of humor. diligent. hard working kid. really proud to be in the marines. >> ronald rodriguez is survived by his parents and two sons. new tonight, a power company not named pepco in some hot water over service problems. a community in prince george's county claims bge is not doing its job, and they want some answers. brittany morehouse takes a look at why since friday they have had so many blackouts. >> this is real inconvenience. >> reporter: no air conditioning. >> it was really hot yesterday. we had to leave. >> reporter: goodbye cold food. and as for getting answers from the power company. >> they wouldn't say anything. >> reporter: people here say they're left in the dark literally. >> the lights have been off and on. i had to throw stuff away. time consuming. cost consuming. >> reporter: and it's all consuming for
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property manager. >> i just don't know what is going on with bge. >> reporter: she's just as angry as people who rent here. >> nobody seems to have any real answers for us, and it's frustrating. my office is off all of the time. the residents are inconvenienced all of the time. so i'm trying to get to the bottom of it once and for all. >> reporter: and by now she's gleamed a little more information by crews learning this weekend's hower interruptions are because of -- power interruptions are because of a gas line rupture. but even learning that is not comforting, she says. >> we're trying our best to get them to upgrade all of their lines underground, but that is causing other issues. now i was told they can't continue unless i approve any damages underground that are not found if they break a water line or something it's my responsibility to pay to repair it. i don't know how much damage that would cause on our property. >> reporter: but she knows the damage to her renter's confidence in the power company is still far only getting worse. >> they know they were working
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on it. this didn't come out of the blue. >> i think they need to do more than that. >> reporter: the power company says it's doing a lot more to keep that power back on for good. after this weekend's interruptions, bge says it was necessary. gas leaks are serious problems, especially near power lines. we'll stay in touch with those people to see how it's going there. new at 11:00, a woman is dead after getting stabbed. police found her around 5:30 this evening near anacostia drive. the emergency crews did take her to the hospital but she later died. officers haven't released her name and so far no arrests have been made in this violent attack. also new at 11:00, maryland state police working the scene of a barricade in walkersville and it's going on right now. they say earlier tonight they got a call about a man threatening to hurt himself and others. police say he also then threatened the safety of troopers. they have now evacuated the neighborhood near creek walk drive. still ahead tonight, her son
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was murdered. now she has the most unusual of friends. her own son's killer. also, a man calls for paramedics. he gets tasered instead. that is coming up next. and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. a pretty nice night. we'll take you out with the wakeup weather. a pretty nice start. maybe a little cooler for the kids at the bus stop. then by 8:00, temps 64-74. sunshine. remember the sunglasses. we'll talk about earl. we'll detail it for you next.
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no get this, a mother in minneapolis is partnering with a man who murdered her son. her aim is to foster forgiveness. 17 years ago her son was shot to death. mary lived with pain and hatred for years as he sat in prison. five years ago, she decided to visit her son's killer and she says the encounter literally brought her to her knees. >> when i stood up, i began to feel something in my feet. and it just began to move all the way up my body. and it just went. and i knew that i knew that all the anger, all the hatred, all the animosity i had for him, i knew it was over with.
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it was gone. >> the pair is now raising funds for a support group that mary founded. caught on tape in california, a man calls for paramedics and needs help but instead he gets tasered by deputies. >> get back. >> ow e. >> wow. that looks like it hurt. the man says this happened back in june. he had actually fallen down his own front steps so the wife called for the paramedics. but for some reasons sheriffs deputies showed up as well and that is when things got a bit ugly. he kept on demanding that the man get up and go to the hospital and when he refused, you see what happened. >> all of a sudden they just showed up. and they came in here like there was a fire going on or some gun fight was going on. >> well, the man was then taken into custody and they charged him with resisting arrest. the man's lawyer says the deputies had no search warrant or legal reason to enter the man's home. the cops claim that they thought
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the man was drunk and suicidal. well, the sheriff's department is now investigating. tonight a 911 dispatcher says she is traumatized after hearing a woman get murdered on the phone or at least that's what she thought. >>. [ shots fired ] >> the sus pect on the phone shot the female in the head. >> but all that noise, that was just a hoax. and they swooped in only to find an empty parking lot. and this isn't the first time that somebody prank called 911. so far, though, no arrests. >> wow. tomorrow our schools could be operating under code red restrictions. now, code red means heat, pollution and other factors make exercise outdoors potentially dangerous because of breathing issues. code red days pose a dilemma for school administrators. do you let the kids play outside or keep them in. this afternoon mckinley tech decided to hold daytime football
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practice indoors and this evening's outdoor practice came with restrictions. >> restrictions. every five minute water breaks. >> a school spokesmen totals us all coaches are told to closely monitor their kids and keep them hydrated. check with us in the morning for the very latest on that. we know you're always looking for news that impact your neighborhood and your life. so today we're launching something brand new on our website. go to, look for the blue box right in the middle. it says where you live right at the top. and then you click on the red change button. that helps you pick a neighborhood. for example, click on herndon and tonight's top story on that local page is an increase in fares at the herndon community center. check out all of the areas available at we were talking to one of the producers today. they want to hear from folks. they want the story ideas, small things that you think it may not make the news, it will in a
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community blog like that. >> that's good stuff right there. >> uh-huh. we're going to show you a couple different things right now. earl is going to have an effect on the weather at the beach. no doubt about it. no matter what track it takes. let me show you the spaghetti plot. each line repdz a mod -- represents a model where they think the storm is going to go. this is no outlairs. there is not one of these -- out liars. there is not one of these lines. let's talk about the wind fields with earl. because that is the key. hurricane force winds extend out 80 miles from the center. and tropical storm force winds represented in this yellow about 40-mile an hour winds extend out to 200 miles from the center. so that is not going to take a direct hit to affect us. by 8:00 on thursday, we're going to see 60-mile per hour winds very close to and tropical storm winds. i'm going to stop it again. by 10:00 a.m. on friday we're boing to see tropical -- going to see tropical storm up by the
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bay and over most of delmarva. i think that is going to be a lock. the question is if it goes a little west, those tropical storm force winds will go a little more west. we're going to see tropical storm force winds at the shore. what do we know, winds 111 or higher as it passes us. that's the threshold. 40-mile an hour winds at the beach on friday. it looks like it locks, some beach erosion, locks, rip currents. and on thursday between 10:00 p.m. and friday 4:00 p.m., those are the critical hours, if you will. okay. back to us. hot tomorrow. 96. combu still not humid. still comfortable to walk around. 92 on thursday. 90 on friday. some clouds from earl will keep it dry for now from here. we'll break down tomorrow 72 to start tomorrow. 91 by lunch time and 95 by evening. but not humid. that is the key. overnight clear skies and comfortable again. low 60s in the suburbs outside the beltway. low 70s downtown. now, tomorrow morning sunny and
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pleasant. hot by noon but still not humid. air quality code tomorrow orange. forecasting orange tomorrow. if you have respiratory problems, you should stay in doors. temperatures up to 90 by lunch time. by afternoon mostly sunny and hot, not humid. next seven days, 96 tomorrow. 92 on thursday. 90 on friday. i only give it once. and perhaps a shower friday night. again, no matter what earl does, the weekend is great. only 80 on saturday and sunday. perhaps some residual dangerous rip currents at the beach but sunny and upper 80s by labor day. >> had a little hiccup in the music. there is one thing you do know about football, you have to have two good legs to play. >> yes. and malcom kelly doesn't. the good news is kelly wasn't cut because today was cut day so he's going to get paid. he's just not going to get play
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this year. it doesn't matter how good you are. his problems continue. plus a gem from jordan zimmerman as the nats go extra innings. and another soccer celebration from our friends in ice land. see it next on 9 sports. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area.
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what's in your wallet?
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> donovan mcnabb invited malcom kelly to his house in phoenix last month so the quarterback could develop some chemistry with the young receiver. and what often happens, this one blew up. it was during that trip that he injured his hamstring. an injury that ended his season. fans of course expected big things from the oklahoma star when he was drafted two years ago, but he had just 28 catches in two seasons and the word bust is starting to enter the
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conversation. >> i like the guy as a person. i think he's got a lot of character -- qualities that you look for in a football player. the main thing is can he get out there on the football field eventually and play. for whatever reason, he hasn't been able to stay healthy. >> clinton portis wasn't able to play today. likewise offensive coordinator child channahon says that donovan mcnabb will be back and fined for the dallas game but dad he's not sure. dad, of course, is the head coach mike shanahan who may be keeping the cowboys off balance with the injury list poker he likes to play. steven strasburg will have his tommy john surgery friday morning in los angeles. if he's looking for a role model, how about the guy who pitched for the nationals tonight. jordan zimmerman who had the surgery a year ago making his second start since coming back and he was electric tonight. how about six innings, one hit,
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struck out nine marlins untouchable. welcome back, jordan. game scoreless. top ten. adam kennedy with the grounder. morgan trying to score on the play. if he slides, he's probably safe. but watch, he tries to wipe out the catcher instead and he's out and the game is still scoreless. and look what happens at the bottom of the 10th. chad tracy. he does slide. and is called safe. the replay showed that it was a correct call. and the nats lose just like that 1-0. and camden yards, o's hosting the red sox. one-run game in the 8th. two batters apart in the 8th, birds take it 5-2. they have won four straight. kind of amazing that raphael madel is just 24 years old. he already has eight grand slam titles. that ties him with conners. there is still one that he does not have, and that would be the
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u.s. open. the top seed in new york this year. he had to work for it. took the if irs two sets in tie break. just won the third moments ago. six games to three. ment jokavich and fish. finally tonight from the soccer team in iceland that gave us the flooping fish celebration, we appear to have a pregnancy. and the magic moment is arrived. he has his feet in the stirrups. [ laughing ] >> and the doctor is around and we have a baby soccer ball to guard. [ laughing ] >> for everyone. apparently this team, this is their thing. they come up with a dozen of these. i'm going to give you one like one a week. >> i can't laugh at that the same way you guys can. >> i wouldn't think a mother would find that funny. the but we're fathers. [ laughing ]. >> that's nice. >> some of us have no kids at all. >> that's right. [ laughing ] >> you can really laugh.
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